Michelle Brisson

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A few years back, I held your tiny hand and walked you into preschool. It seems like yesterday. Since preschool you’ve been an excellent student, always earning straight A’s. Time has moved so swiftly. Today, you are about to graduate college. You have grown into a lovely, intelligent, confident woman and I could not be prouder. Now, the world awaits you… and we cannot imagine what you have in store for us! Love, Dad & Kat

Our Carolina Girl has always excelled at whatever task or cause you took on and you have always done so with flair and passion. If ever there was a renaissance woman, Michelle, you are her. We could never forget the adventure stories you shared with us from the time you were a very young child. We were amazed at your imagination and even more amazed at how you could go on and on and on! Art has always played an important part in your life, from your earliest crayon drawings –  to the giant mural that became your bedroom, you have left your artistic mark on everything around you.

Michelle, you  have the heart of a poet, the mind of a scientist, the voice of a journalist and the deep curiosity of a child. These characteristics, along with your compassion and willingness to take up a cause have carried you to this moment.  Four years ago we didn’t think we could ever be prouder of our Carolina Girl, but today we are. Today, we are even prouder of the woman you have become during your four challenging years at Carolina.  We now wait with eager anticipation to be a part of your promising future and witness the great legacy you will leave this world. Love, Mom & Randy

We love you Michelle and want you to know that we will always have your back. Love from your Cheering Squad: Michael, Spencer, Grandma Peacock, Grandma Helen & those who cheer from the heavens: Timbre, Grandpa Brisson, Grandpa Peacock, Pork Chop & Precious

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