Allie Leake

Print 1 - Big Photo Print 2 - Baby


Print 4 - Pre Teen Print 5 - HS Print 6 - HS

On August 31, 1995, God gave us the greatest gift we could ever have. Our Pooh Bear. She rapidly developed into a toddler who wanted to be in the action and to know all. A lover of animals. She never saw an animal that didn’t like her or that caused her to have any fear. Off to preschool she went, and marveled that her Mom, the high school principal where the preschool was located, “had the keys to every door in the building.” Looses those teeth and primary school, but still has a non-stop smile, finally makes it to and through middle school, despite her Dad, who was her transportation, making her late every day.

Then comes high school where she stars as student, and as athlete, making us so proud. Then comes THE UNIVERSITY, where she continues to blossom and mature at an unbelievable pace. Her star has risen high in the sky, but as she goes off to law school, we know that the star will only grow brighter. Allie, thanks for being our daughter.

Love, Mom and Dad

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