4 thoughts on “Patrick Martin”

  1. We could not be prouder of you Patrick! You have accomplished so much in your time at Chapel Hill. Navigating four years in a challenging program of study while maintaining a full and active social life calendar is no small feat! We are delighted that the Tar Heels gave you a national championship in your senior year, but now it’s time for you to get out there and set the world on fire!
    Much love,
    Aunt Eileen (Proud Godmother — Prayer Lives Matter!)

  2. Great picture-loved you then and love you now and always. Very proud of all you have accomplished. The best is yet to come.

  3. We love you and couldn’t be more proud of you Pmart! You’ll always be the coolest Martin kid.

    Nah jk, I am. But you’re the second coolest.

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