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  1. well i think that gay people need to step back and take a slap in the face of reality. you’re not the only people on this earth being denied certain rights. get off your imaginary high horse and quit whining like little three year olds. just cuz you make a rukus about things doesn’t mean you’re going to get your way. so get off it.References : Was this answer helpful?

  2. Thanks, Bat.Good post. It appears you've reached a point of complete frustration and disappointment. Quite different than your recent posts of reasoned analysis. You're not alone, or in the minority, in your despair. But, if we're the ones to hire these people, there must be a way to fire them when the malfeasance becomes unacceptable. They do work for us, right?

  3. An even greater risk for patient health is not taking the prescribed medication. If? you meant that a lot more studies should be carried out to make pridiriptcon/mesecation safer then I agree.

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