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  1. C’est malin, Mayer et JMDP sont revêtus des mêmes couleurs Eh, si Roddick et JMDP gagnent leurs matches aujourd’hui, ce qui est fortement probable, l’Argentin aura l’occasion, au prochain tour, de mettre un 2° ancine numéro un à la retraite après Safin en 2009. Ça aussi, c’est trop comptable, Arno ?

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  3. Susan, your words are so inspiring and positive. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable journey. I do hope your book gets published, as I feel it will be motivational for so many people. You are always positive and have a beautiful smile to brighten my day. I am glad we are friends and I want you to know how much you inspire me to always stay positive and live life to it’s fullest potential each day.

  4. How can we build the stnna-dloae compiler? The Readme.md on Github only produces the plugin, and the build.xml does not include a target to pack up the stand-alone version of the compiler. I’d really like to fiddle around with Kotlin without having to run IntelliJ.

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